Jawabu Professional Services Limited

Jawabu Professional Services is a one stop shop that simplifies business processes that are crucial in the operation and management of businesses.
We help businesses function at optimal levels by offering solutions that assist in navigating through the dynamic operating environment.

What we are doing

Jawabu professional services limited is indeed the solution you need. With your partnership, we are committed to grow and expand your business. We provide comprehensive business solutions to  the modern business person that enables them to run and manage their business in a professional manner.

Our Vision

To be a provider of simplified  professional services  to enable businesses navigate  complex and dynamic  operating environment in a timely manner.

Solutions Simplified is not just a thing we say, it is a commitment we aim to honor. We understand the rigors involved in setting up, running and growing your business and that is why our purpose is to create room for your business to prosper.

Our Products

 In the cut-throat industry of finance, every move made  will determine the end result of either a gain or a loss. We have capability to equip you with solid and strategic options to leverage on this highly competitive business environment.  .

Of all the queries you may have pertaining to registering a new business, only one should be at the forefront of your mind; whom to call for assistance. We will save your time, and you will then save your money. Only if you give us a call.

Jawabu will assist in preparing Board of Directors Resolution to open a Bank account for the company as soon as the registration process is completed.

Achieving tax compliance need not be a   complicated process. Procrastination tends to set in due to the nature of filing tax returns and many individuals tend to abandon the whole process or fill forms erroneously after laboring through the process.  

We assist our clients set up legal entities with the Business Registration Services. The legal entities can be Private limited companies, companies limited by guarantee, Associations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships

Preparation and filing of the annual return with the Registrar of Companies. (statutory requirement)

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