Our Products

In the cut-throat industry of finance, every move made  will determine the end result of either a gain or a loss. We have capability to equip you with solid and strategic options to leverage on this highly competitive business environment.  .

As our client you should always feel secure that your financial position is guaranteed through our advisory ability and extensive market analysis

Of all the queries you may have pertaining to registering a new business, only one should be at the forefront of your mind; whom to call for assistance. We will save your time, and you will then save your money. Only if you give us a call.

The routine services include the following:

  • Preparation and filing of the annual return with the Registrar of Companies. (statutory requirement)
  • Filing of the financial statements for the Company with the Registrar of Companies. (statutory requirement)
  • Preparation as well as updating of the statutory registers as and when any changes in Shareholders, Directors, Share Capital and registered office occur. (only when there is a change)
  • Application for an official Company search as and when required.

Achieving tax compliance need not be a   complicated process. Procrastination tends to set in due to the nature of filing tax returns and many individuals tend to abandon the whole process or fill forms erroneously after laboring through the process.

 In addition to filling of tax returns being a legal requirement it’s worth noting that tax compliance is paramount to scaling up your business. We have the necessary experience  to help you navigate this process. Having done this for years, we are well versed with the pertinent documents and procedures and the relevant laws mentioning the same.

We assist our clients set up legal entities with the Business Registration Services. The legal entities can be Private limited companies, companies limited by guarantee, Associations, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships.

Based on our conversation on your Chama requirements, we propose that you set up a Private Limited Liability company where members of the Chama will hold shares in the Company based on their contribution and also be directors in the company. The company will then hold assets on behalf of members going forward and also enter into contracts, bid for tenders, join a sacco etc. on behalf of the members.

Jawabu will assist in preparing Board of Directors Resolution to open a Bank account for the company as soon as the registration process is completed. Banks have their internal standard procedures for opening corporate accounts.